Cryptshare in CLICO distribution portfolio


The companies signed a distribution agreement in June 2020. Under the agreement, the CLICO portfolio has been enriched with the secure communication solution Cryptshare.

CLICO — is a specialized, value-added distributor that since 1991 has been effectively introducing and promoting innovative solutions of global market leaders in Poland and other countries of Central and Eastern Europe. In the second quarter of 2020, CLICO finalized the agreement with Cryptshare to enrich its distribution portfolio with a digital communication solution for the secure exchange of information. With Cryptshare emails and files of any size can be exchanged ad-hoc – easily and securely, with auditability and at low cost. Cryptshare is available for HCL Notes, for Microsoft 365 & Outlook, as a Web App, and it has several automation tools for the secure and automated transfer of information.

"An easy, complete and secure solution for file exchange with internal and external communication partners is crucial in every modern enterprise. This solution increases employees` efficiency and gives IT team control over the content, security, compliance and BYOD. Employees can use Cryptshare on any device to download  and share files securely with other employees, clients, partners and suppliers, all without needing a solution "on the other side". Thanks to the seamless integration with popular e-mail clients, system operation becomes simple and does not interfere with employees’ workflows. Most of us have accidentally sent an attachment to someone who should not have received it. Cryptshare allows us to react quickly and immediately cancel file transfers, so that the recipient of such a message will not be able to download the transfer, that was not addressed to him. Therefore, we are very happy to start cooperation with Cryptshare, which gives clients a complete system for data in transit. " - says Vladimír Mlynárčik, Country Manager CLICO Česká republika a Slovensko.

Cryptshare AG was founded in 2000. The product portfolio was developed rapidly as there was high demand for a solution that enables the ad hoc exchange of large files and e-mails. Ease of use, strong encryption, frequent updates, advanced management, tools for policy configuration and control as well as the ability to communicate with other applications using a simple API have contributed to the further development of the solution. Large investments in the team enabled very fast development of technical support, dedicated product management and development of a specialized roadmap that responds to the needs of users. Today Cryptshare is a company that cooperates with clients in 30 countries and has over 4 million licensed users.

„We are geared for growth aiming to expand from our core markets, where we have 2.000+ customer installations running. Our strategy is to work through a partner network and find the best distributors and partners that are delivering Value Added Services to us and our clients. We are excited to work together with Clico as they are the perfect fit for us” says Ingrid Hagen, CSO at Cryptshare AG.  „Clico’s experience over the last 20 years in IT security, the well established partner network and their expertise convinced us to be an excellent team. Together we are adressing Poland, Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and the Adriatic Region.Teaming up with Clico enables us to strenghten our presence and to accelarete growth in these markets. Clico is known to be a reliable and active distributor in these countries, which is why we are excited to work together.


CLICO distribution contract is valid in Poland and in countries of Central and Eastern Europe.


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