Firewall: Advanced firewall troubleshooting (PAN-EDU-330)






2800 USD


Upon successful completion of the course participants will expand their knowledge of the ability to find and diagnose problems in Palo Alto Networks firewall appliances.

During course participants will have access to a lab where real problems related to the operation of the device will be mapped in such aspects and functions of the PAN-OS system as security, network, protection against threats, logging, reporting, performance.

Upon completion participants will have a deep understanding of how to troubleshoot the visibility and control of applications, users, and content.

For who:

  • Security Engineers,
  • Security Administrators,
  • Security Analysts,
  • Network Engineers,
  • Support Engineers.


Students must have completed PAN-EDU-210 course. Additionally, they should have extensive practical experience in the field of routing, switching, IP addressing, IT security. Additionally, they should have at least 6 months of experience in working with PAN NGFW devices.




Theory and practical hands on lab exercises


All Palo Alto Networks NGFW devices


Training agenda:

  • Module 1 - Tools and Resources
  • Module 2 - CLI
  • Module 3 - Logic of packet forwarding
  • Module 4 - Creating traffic dumps
  • Module 5 - Package diagnostic logs
  • Module 6 - Traffic hosted on the firewall
  • Module 7 - Transit traffic
  • Module 8 - System services
  • Module 9 - SSL decryption
  • Module 10 - User-ID
  • Module 11 - Global Protect
  • Module 12 - Escalations and RMA