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MobileIron UEM console - the fundament of mobile device security and management (often called MDM - Mobile Device Management or EMM - Enterprise Mobility Management). It allows full control over corporate devices, including automatic remote configurations, applying security polices and managing lifecycle of mobile apps. Both – on-prem and cloud deployment options are possible.

Mobile security

MOBILEIRON THREAT DEFENSE (MTD) - complement of UEM console, often called mobile EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response) which provides additional level of security. No matter if smartphone is connected to internet or not, protection is always on ensuring device's system integrity, detecting network threats or malicious apps in real-time and ensuring anti-phishing shield. Deployment does not require neither any user interaction nor installation of additional apps. Machine learning algorithms protect mobile device against 0-day threats.


Pulse Policy Secure - highly reliable NAC solution for both small and large organizations. RADIUS license allowing an unlimited number of users to be serviced using the 802.1x supplicant built into the operating system, is an asset, even though scanning workstations is not possible.

VPN Gateway

PULSE CONNECT SECURE - this solution allows providing users with internal resources of the organization using a browser or VPN client. It can create extensive authentication and authorization policies and allocate access to resources based on the role. The unique features of the solution include the ability to assess the status of the client station and RDP and SSH access using only the browser without installing the agent and creating remote sessions for service access.

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