MobileIron is a global security leader in the MDM / EMM / UEM area, which provides a system for managing devices, applications and documents. It enables to create an organization in which every business process is available on the employee's mobile device quickly, conveniently and safely.
  • MDM (Mobile Device Management)  - manages configurations and security policies of mobile devices. Allows the devices to be remotely locked or selectively wiped in case of theft or loss.
  • EMM (Enterprise Mobility Management) - development of MDM with mechanisms for managing mobile applications (e.g. remote installation of mobile applications without user interaction) and content security functions (e.g. mechanisms for protecting e-mail attachments or business documents opened on a mobile device).
  • UEM (Unified Endpoint Management) – it has all EMM capabilities and features plus it supports management and deploying security features for Windows 10 and macOS devices.


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MDM - EMM (Enterprise Mobile Management) solution: Allows the employees to conduct business tasks from the mobile devices in secure manner. Allows the employees to use private mobile devices (BYOD) in secure manner.

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