Firewall: Configuring and management (PAN-EDU-210)






3950 USD


Participants will gain practical knowledge of the configuration of PANOS operating system by Palo Alto Networks. After completing the course, administrators will be able to independently prepare new devices for work and learn how to monitor working devices. The mechanisms of creating security policies and additional security functions available on devices will be discussed.

For who:

  • Security Engineers,
  • Security Administrators,
  • Security Analysts,
  • Network Engineers,
  • Support Engineers.


Students must have a basic understanding of networking concepts including routing, switching, and IP addressing. Participants should be familiar with the basic concepts behind network security based on service port control. Experience with other security technologies (IPS, proxy and content filtering) is on the plus side.



Training agenda:

  • Module 1: Architecture of Next Generation Firewall
  • Module 2: Virtual installations and cloud protection
  • Module 3: Basic device configuration
  • Module 4: Configuration of network interfaces
  • Module 5: Security policies and address translation
  • Module 6: Application identification, explanation of AppID operation
  • Module 7: Basics of Contend-ID protection (Mechanism IPS, AV, Anti-Spyware)
  • Module 8: Categorization of websites URL filtering
  • Module 9: SSL encrypted traffic decryption
  • Module 10: WildFire Protection
  • Module 11: User-ID - identification of users in the network
  • Module 12: Global Protect - remote access
  • Module 13: Site2Site Tunnels Configuration
  • Module 14: Device monitoring and reporting
  • Module 15: Active / Passive reliability cluster configuration
  • Module 16: Best Configuration Practices