Radware Alteon Level 1






1500 EUR


Participants gain knowledge about installation, configuration and management of the ADC solution. The training is aimed at technical people who want to gain knowledge and skills in the use of the AlteonOS operating system.

The training begins with general information on stages of building a load balancing configuration on Radware Alteon devices. Then the topics of traffic distribution for protocols in layers 4 and 7 of the OSI / ISO model, high availability of the solution, SSL offloading and building policies for distributing traffic based on the content in the application layer are discussed.

Level: Basic

Form: Classes with a certified instructor and a practical part

Devices: All working on the basis of AlteonOS 29 (and higher) operating system

For who:

Network engineers, security engineers and application maintenance engineers.



Course participants must have basic knowledge of computer networks, such as: switching, VLAN tagging (802.1Q protocol), Spanning-Tree Protocol, routing. Participants should also be familiar with the principles of DNS and HTTP protocols and know the basic concepts of application security.

Training agenda:

Day 1

Module 0 - Introduction to training and agenda

Module 1 - Introduction to ADC technology

  • Application work pattern
  • Application architecture
  • Load-balancing

Module 2 - Introduction to Radware technology

  • Portfolio review
  • Overview of key features and licensing
  • Reference architecture

Module 3 - Basic configuration

  • Pillars of CLI support
  • System management configuration
  • Management of system configurations and versions 

Module 4 - Configuration of network elements

  • VLAN, STP configuration
  • Configuration of physical ports
  • Configuration of IP interfaces and routing

Module 5 - Introduction to SLB

  • Virtual Services configuration
  • Policies and Best Practices

Day 2

Module 6 - Advanced SLB configuration

  • Configuration and purpose of VS components
  • Monitoring the health and condition of servers
  • Advanced definition of service servers
  • SLB metrics and algorithms

Module 7 - SSL Acceleration

  • General concept of SSL Offloading
  • Building an SSL decryption policy
  • Policy and certificate management

Module 8 - Persistence

  • Methods of maintaining persistence
  • Configuration

Day 3

Module 9 - Content Load Balancing

  • Content Switching concept
  • Defining rules for HTTP
  • Configuration of traffic spreading based on URL and XML

Module 10 - Virtualization

  • Radware ADC-VX technology
  • Possibilities for implementation
  • Overview of the most important functions and applications

Module 11 - High Availability

  • Overview of VRRP
  • Overview of Alteon HA
  • Configuration

Module 12 - Troubleshooting